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What Is A Substantive Agreement

Wage Class Agreement 2 – 6 2020: NEHAWU, UAWU, SALIPSWU, DETAWU, EU (PDF) Wage Class 7 – 12 Agreement 2019: Workers` Union (PDF) National legislation sometimes obliges employers to ensure that employees are informed of the collective agreements applicable to them (see Recommendation No. 91, paragraph 8, paragraph 1). It is generally accepted that the obligation to promote voluntary bargaining with a view to regulating conditions of work and employment through collective agreements implies an obligation to guarantee the right to collective bargaining to the parties concerned. Where national circumstances so require, this may include the need to provide for a number of ancillary legal obligations in order for the right to collective bargaining to be effectively exercised in practice, including the obligation, under certain conditions, to recognize the party for the purposes of collective bargaining and to bargain in good faith with that party. 63. The recognition of a trade union or workers` organisation as a representative body should be formalised in an agreement between management and the trade union which includes the following: the practice of extending collective agreements to employers and workers who are not directly applicable is found mainly in countries where collective bargaining at sectoral level prevails. Legislation providing for this practice normally lays down a number of conditions relating to the representativeness of the Contracting Parties vis-à-vis those to which it would apply, the requirement of a prior request from one or both Contracting Parties and the consultation of the representatives of those to whom it is to be extended. Recommendation No. 91 § 5 (2) stresses that effective collective bargaining involves stimulating dialogue and promoting consensus.26 A number of countries have sought to do so by establishing in legislation a legal obligation to oblige parties at the negotiating table to engage in fully informed negotiations. .

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