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Sfps Collective Bargaining Agreement

The county and the Santa Fe Teachers` Union of the National Education Association-Santa Fe announced the deal as pressure from parents to bring more students into the classroom continues to intensify. March 5 – Santa Fe Public School teachers and staff must return to campus once they receive the COVID-19 vaccine, according to an agreement announced Thursday. State and local branches across the country negotiate, organize, and engage community partners and allies to formulate student-centered demands. This type of advocacy is about taking responsibility and implementing educator-led solutions that work for our students and their schools. Through collective bargaining and advocacy at national and local levels, NEA members fight for more than just their economic security. They require improving student learning and the educational environment, such as smaller classes, fewer standardized tests, more breaks and art and music lessons, and additional counselors. It`s an opportunity to connect naturally with allies instead of being isolated and attacked, which empowers us for good – for all of us. BCG aims to expand the continuum of negotiation, build power, and go on the offensive to fight for social and racial justice – for our children, for our schools, for our communities we serve, and for the future. Melissa Maestas, a mother of two Santa Fe High students, said the deal was important to open schools to more students.

While one son, an elder, chose to continue teaching remotely, the other, a second-year student, returned to campus because he needed in-person instruction. García and Mayer said a press release issued Thursday about the deal was intended to address rumors they had heard from some parents that teachers would not return to class until students were vaccinated. The district has opened all of its Feb. 22 to blended learning schools, where students receive at least two days of on-campus instruction per week with three days of distance learning. At the time, only 290 of the 1,087 teachers and support staff volunteered to come to campus. García said 13 teachers and staff returned to school this week. Superintendent Veronica García said in an interview that the memorandum of understanding between the district and the union, which the two sides agreed on in February, also included teachers who had the opportunity to get vaccinated but refused. Those in this category must return to class, she said. „There are parents who want their children to come back, who couldn`t and express it more,“ García said. „But we still have a large percentage of families and parents who are reluctant to come back.“ „So far, the union seems to be clinging to an unidentified dogma that prevents it from believing in the science of constantly opening schools,“ Jackson said. „This is no different from climate change deniers.

It is no different from anti-vaxxers. This is no different from anti-masks. Student-centered advocacy focuses on strategies to improve student learning and improve the working conditions of educators. Local NEA branches across the country have looked at these types of strategies and tactics, getting contract language on topics such as reducing class sizes, fewer tests, more nurses and counsellors, and community schools. The district had enough volunteers to bring 1,776 of its 12,500 students back to school, and another 1,990 were on a waiting list. „The way it worked helped my son because some of his teachers are back in school and they can get together,“ Maestas said. In a press release issued Thursday, the district said no employees needed to be vaccinated, but only teachers and staff with housing to work from home would not have to return to face-to-face classes during the 2020-21 school year. García said about 300 people have shelter. García said the district wanted to make it clear that teachers are committed to returning to school so students can do the same. García added that she is confident that schools will eventually be able to transition to a more traditional personal classroom environment, even if this happens for the 2021-22 school year.

Their demands received a boost when President Joe Biden announced Tuesday that he intends to use the federal retail pharmacy program to speed up vaccines for educators, with the goal of vaccinating everyone by the end of the month. „We want to repeat this for everyone because there`s a lot of confusion and a lot of parents are angry because the kids aren`t back in school, and I totally understand that,“ García said. However, the frustration of some parents overflows. At Thursday`s school district board meeting, mother Martha Jackson accused the union and García of thinking only of herself and not the students. García said that as more and more teachers return to campus, some schools will change their learning model. The popular model used by many district schools is one that creates „internet hubs“ where students learn remotely in individual workplaces. Whether or not your union wants to negotiate a strategy for the common good, student-centered advocacy is a great way to increase the capacity and power to fight for the schools your students deserve! Grace Mayer, president of NEA-Santa Fe, said the union had insisted that teachers and support workers wanted to return to campus, but that the possibility of getting vaccinated was just as important. Mayer said she and García had worked together to write letters to heads of state stressing that educators need to be at the top of the vaccination line because of their role as educators. The district did not demand the return of all teachers and staff, but agreed with union leaders to seek „volunteers“ to help with blended learning. „We can`t wait to get back to class,“ Mayer said.

„But we are also looking to get vaccinated and leave some of it behind and return to a more integrated community. It just takes time. „Hopefully teachers and educators will be vaccinated with more vaccines available and come back after that,“ Mayer said. .

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