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Tenancy Agreement Dubai

No, the duration of the occupation of the real estate has nothing to do with the renewal of rights. Regardless of the validity period of the lease, there are no special privileges or rights for tenants in Dubai. Before signing your lease, make sure you fully understand your rights and obligations as a tenant, as well as dubai`s rules. Also, make sure your landlord`s obligations are clear. If you don`t take ambiguities or errors into account in your rental agreement, it can lead to headaches in the future. 8. Tenants behave in a civilized manner and are good neighbours who respect the rights of the surrounding landowners. Tenants must not cause noise or disturbance that could disturb or disturb the owners of the environment. The creation of a disturbance of the above type is a reason for termination of this contract and the tenant must then immediately evacuate the premises.

Stars of quiet hours at 10 p.m. and noise should be kept to a minimum. In Dubai, owners must register rental contracts with the RERA Ejari online portal. Tenants must pay a housing fee to Dubai Municipality, calculated at 5 percent of the annual rental fee. Housing costs are added to the monthly electricity and water bills. If the landlord or tenants die, the lease in Dubai does not stop automatically. Instead, it is transferred to the heir of the deceased, unless the heir chooses to terminate the rental agreement in Dubai, which will come into effect after a period of 30 days to inform the owner. If tenants and landlords agree, a lease can be turned into a shorter lease agreement.

2. Tenants must maintain the premises in good condition, clean and ready for rent and use the premises only carefully and legally. Tenants leave the premises at the end of the lease in a ready-to-rent state, defined as the owner as habitable immediately by the nearest tenants. Tenants must pay for maintenance and repairs when the premises are left in a lesser condition. The tenants agree that the lessor must deduct from the deposit the costs of these services before reimbursement if the tenants cause damage to the premises or their installation.. . . .

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